The diagnostic!

To get a TS diagnostic, you need the following four main characteristics (from DSM-V):

  1. Both some motor and one or more vocal tics.
  2. The frequency and intervals of tics can either increase or decrease but can be noticed over a period of at least one year.
  3. Symptoms appear before age 18.
  4. Tics are not caused by a substance (stimulant) or other medical condition.

Establish the diagnostic!

The diagnostic can be given by specialized physicians (pediatricians, psychiatrists, neurologists) and over specialized physicians (child psychiatrists and others).  An evaluation by a psychologist or neuropsychologist is often necessary to identify specific characteristics necessary for the diagnostic. Questionnaires, filled by parents (and or the person themselves depending on age), teachers, day care educators, and other contributors will help document the case for a diagnostic. Average age to receive a TS diagnostic is about seven years old.


To establish the diagnostic, it is required to identify the four main characteristics enumerated above and in other sections.



Gilles pis la ptite !

Gilles pis la ptite!  A fun series of videos by two actresses, one of which has TS. (French only)
Élodie Tremblay
17 ans | Sherbrooke, QC

The faces of Tourette Syndrome

The respite for mother «Répit maman» is a moment of pure bliss, relaxation, activities and rich discussions …

Malika Chamoun

39 ans | Montréal, QC

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I started new studies in criminology. I am really happy in that field.

Jonathan Gagnon

26 ans | Joliette QC

The main impacts on people with TS as early as age 7, is on self-esteem and how the others look at them. Because of the sounds and movements that they do involuntarily.

Éric Martel

8 ans | Victoriaville QC

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