What is TS?

Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder characterized by tics
(rapid and sudden, recurrent, stereotyped motor movements orvocalizations that are involuntary).

The faces of Tourette Syndrome

The respite for mother «Répit maman» is a moment of pure bliss, relaxation, activities and rich discussions …

Malika Chamoun

39 ans | Montréal, QC

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I started new studies in criminology. I am really happy in that field.

Jonathan Gagnon

26 ans | Joliette QC

The main impacts on people with TS as early as age 7, is on self-esteem and how the others look at them. Because of the sounds and movements that they do involuntarily.

Éric Martel

8 ans | Victoriaville QC

«As early as age 5 or six, I started to have motor tics, muscular spasms in the eyes and the stomach.» Today I do not have tics anymore.

Steve Trudel

56 ans | St-Bruno, QC

Many times, I thought to myself: “a good thing that the Association exists.” This Facebook where I can express my emotions, find support without judgement.

Suzanne Tremblay

58 ans | Québec, QC

«There is a strong need to talk about TS in a very just and specific way. People still have lots of preconceptions regarding this condition»

Diane Lemieux

42 ans | Gaspésie


Oct 06 2021

You can join the french support group with the link here : https://zoom.us/j/95206970118


Andréanne Fortin, nouvelle porte-parole de l’AQST

Andréanne Fortin, comédienne et cascadeuse est la nouvelle porte-parole de l'AQST !

Camp Scarabée 2020

En juillet dernier, 35 jeunes membres de 8 à 16 ans de l’Association québécoise du syndrome de la Tourette ont pris part à l’édition 2020…

TS awareness month, May 15 to June 15

TS awareness month, May 15 to June 15 Here’s a list of videos and articles to share during the TS awareness month: 1. Le syndrome…