Is it because of TS, a combination of associated symptoms or regular teenager challenges? How should we know?

With time, I realized that there are many challenges and we do not always have the answers. The Association offers support to help us. This website provides a good source of information.

Some parents need to talk to people to share their challenges. The Association offers a consultation line, no charge. The person that we talk to really listens to us and can even offer advice or direct us towards the right resources depending on our needs.  To talk to someone please dial 1 855-299-3910.

Support groups

Support groups are available by videoconference with zoom or in many regions of the province of Québec and provides another essential service. Led by volunteers, these groups allow us to share our experiences with other parents living similar situations and thus feel understood. To know about the support group nearest your home, please follow this link …

Some parents may decide to start a new support group in their region. The Association encourages and supports this initiative by guiding the people responsible for the new group.

RÉPIT MAMAN - Respite for mother

We believe that the time we spend focusing on our children is very important, as is the time we spent taking care of ourselves. It is important to be able to recharge our batteries. The Association offers an original formula for mother’s called: RÉPIT MAMAN. This includes the cottage, food, massage and time to relax around a campfire or in a Jacuzzi for about 10 mothers for a full weekend. This weekend getaway is very beneficial. To know about the next one, consult our activity section. Other getaways will be organized in the next few months … Watch for it!


Another way to get some time to yourselves is to register your kid to camp. The Association offers such camps annually: Camp SCARABÉE (summer camp) and  Camp JM’Épanouis (winter camp).  As parents, it is difficult to let go of our kids for a full week …  That is why our camps are led by a seasoned team in which we can have full confidence.  To know more about the next camp, please consult our activity section.

We would like to increase our offer of respite over the next few years. Please let us know of your needs or any new ideas you may have.

Social media

If you feel comfortable with social media, you could join our Facebook group of more than 2300 members. Members can obtain information, ask questions, share experiences: the objective is to break the isolation and provide a space where members can share freely. We have a public page and a private group. To join, please follow this link:

Living with TS

Participating and joining the Quevec Tourette community is a good start in helping eachother!

Luc Lesage – Racing car driver

With time I realize that there are many questions and few answers!
Etienne Poirier
28 ans | Montréal, QC

Vidéo de St-Justine avec Geneviève Duchesne Neurospychologue

The faces of Tourette Syndrome

The respite for mother «Répit maman» is a moment of pure bliss, relaxation, activities and rich discussions …

Malika Chamoun

39 ans | Montréal, QC

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I started new studies in criminology. I am really happy in that field.

Jonathan Gagnon

26 ans | Joliette QC

Many times, I thought to myself: “a good thing that the Association exists.” This Facebook where I can express my emotions, find support without judgement.

Suzanne Tremblay

58 ans | Québec, QC

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