It is said that, when we reach adulthood, we should see a decrease in the symptoms. But we sometimes see adults with many visible tics. The reality is that as an adult with TS, we have to manage many extra challenges since we need to embrace the various sides of adult life: find a job? Find love? Familial relations?

Each situation brings its load of challenges. To face those issues, we need to be able to understand the situation. The lack of inhibition, reactivity, hypersensitivity, organizational challenges and adaptation vulnerabilities may trigger conflicts, sometimes insidious, that are difficult to solve if we haven’t already started a meaningful acceptance process.


No miracle pills!

Because there is not yet any medication that works 100% or any miracle pill, as an adult I have to accept and welcome TS if I want to be able to develop healthy relationships with people close to me.

To live with TS forces us to grow every day and to better know ourselves and others. We need to be able to accept ourselves as we are, humbly, if we want to be able to live in harmony with ourselves and with others.

Some people need to talk about their differences and to share their challenges. The Association offers a consultation line, no charge. The person that we talk to really listens to us and can even offer advice or direct us towards the right resources depending on our needs.  To talk to someone please dial 1 855-299-3910.

If you feel comfortable with social media, you could join our Facebook group of more than 2500 members. Members can obtain information, ask questions, share experiences: the objective is to break the isolation and provide a space where members can share freely. We have a public page and a private group. To join, please follow this link:

To live with TS

To live with TS forces us to grow every day and to better know ourselves and others.
Alexandre Patry
28 ans | Sherbrooke

The faces of Tourette Syndrome

Many times, I thought to myself: “a good thing that the Association exists.” This Facebook where I can express my emotions, find support without judgement.

Suzanne Tremblay

58 ans | Québec, QC

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I started new studies in criminology. I am really happy in that field.

Jonathan Gagnon

26 ans | Joliette QC

The respite for mother «Répit maman» is a moment of pure bliss, relaxation, activities and rich discussions …

Malika Chamoun

39 ans | Montréal, QC

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