Smart and colourful!

Children with TS are sensitive, smart, colourful, full of nuances and they only asked to be recognized and accepted for who they are. Tics and unfortunate behaviours are never intentional or voluntary. No child wakes up in the morning with the intent to do something to aggravate you. By guiding them positively in their development, adults are called to become, for these children, a meaningful person that will contribute to the growth of their full potential, just like with any other children!

A little break!

Some parents may feel overwhelmed… As a teacher or contributor, we could guide them to one of the support groups that the Association has in many regions of the province.

If you feel like the parents need a break, you may also inform them that respite is possible.  On one side, we offer the RÉPIT MAMAN – Respite for mothers: this includes the cottage, food, massage and time to relax around a campfire or in a Jacuzzi for about 10 mothers for a full weekend. This weekend getaway is very beneficial. To know about the next one, consult our activity section.


Another way to get some time to yourselves is to register your kid to camp. The Association offers such camps annually: Camp SCARABÉE (summer camp) and  Camp JM’Épanouis (winter camp). You could promote these camps in your classes or when you meet some young people with TS. Monitors and seasoned contributors take charge of them, age 8 to 17. To know more about the next camp, please consult our activity section.


Highlight the strengths!

The most important thing is to understand and support children in their educational and social progression.

The music, for me is something magical. It can express so many different emotions. The music can lift our spirit, provide us with good energy, or even make us sad for the rest of the day. Whatever the emotions that we feel when we listen to music, it always touches us!
Livia Valliêre
8 ans | Gatineau, QC

The faces of Tourette Syndrome

«As early as age 5 or six, I started to have motor tics, muscular spasms in the eyes and the stomach.» Today I do not have tics anymore.

Steve Trudel

56 ans | St-Bruno, QC

The respite for mother «Répit maman» is a moment of pure bliss, relaxation, activities and rich discussions …

Malika Chamoun

39 ans | Montréal, QC

Thank you so mutch! My kids enjoiyed there week at camp and we took this time to rest!

Julie Métivier

The main impacts on people with TS as early as age 7, is on self-esteem and how the others look at them. Because of the sounds and movements that they do involuntarily.

Éric Martel

8 ans | Victoriaville QC

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I started new studies in criminology. I am really happy in that field.

Jonathan Gagnon

26 ans | Joliette QC

Many times, I thought to myself: “a good thing that the Association exists.” This Facebook where I can express my emotions, find support without judgement.

Suzanne Tremblay

58 ans | Québec, QC

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